Tuesday, October 18, 2011

There is a way!

"There is no way that I can know
Your power in its all;
no way to know what You went through
when You took our fall;
No way to know the things You faced
before that Sunday morn;
and Lord, how can I find the words
to say how I'm reborn?!

But there is a way that I can know
and say Your perfect love!
I can tell about the life
that beckons me above.
And I will share the Truth You are
with all the life in me,
that there might be just one more share
in Your eternity!

There is a way that we can know
and You so freely give.
Thank You for living in our lives
as this life we live.
You are the Truth, You are the Life,
You are the only Way;
and we rejoice in knowing You more
as we seek The Day!"

Yes, there is a way we can know Jesus. There are MANY ways we can know Jesus! And there more we know Him, the more we should want to tell others about Him! There is proof of Him all around them, they just have to be made aware of Him.
Wherever you are today, let them know!

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