Monday, October 10, 2011


Pray with me:

"Thank You for my family,
one voice at a time:
those so very seasoned,
into Your depth to climb;
and Theodore-so brand new,
we dedicate just now!
Declare Him to Yourself, oh God,
affirm Your sovereign vow!

We dedicate his life to You
in service and all living;
we dedicate his heart to You,
the same for always giving;
we dedicate his soul to You,
please save it for Your Own;
in all his ways, O Mighty God,
may You be surely known!

How wonderful, the family
with which I am so blessed!
In all our ways we testify
You are the very best!
We dedicate ourselves afresh
unto You and Your ways;
let every facet of our lives
be, unto You, a praise!

Amen. God is so faithful! He has provided a beautiful little man to carry on this name.
Please remember Theo in your prayers.

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