Monday, October 10, 2011

"That" word


"Your timing is so perfect-
by it, things get done!
Success is come in submission
unto Christ, Your Son.
You lead us and You guide us,
You bless us in Your time;
You promote us in Your own way-
steady be our climb."

God's blessings come into my life is many disguises. Most often, they do not appear the way we envisioned.
Too, His timing is probably never the same as ours. There are many blessings in store for us by living with His patience and seeking to do things in His time.
But God knows what is best, and He WILL answer when we pray. If I am going to attempt something or undertake anything without seeking His will first, I may succeed, but not without incident. Though I may pray and seek His will first, there may be incident, but there is great grace there to escort us through!
God loves us so much that He plans our entire life for us, and He wants to hear us talk to Him about that!
Again, the writer is looking into the mirror and writing.
I hope this helps you, too.

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