Sunday, October 2, 2011

That Retreat

Once again unto that place
where Jesus and I go.
It is a place so intimate
that only two can go.
He brings there everything He needs,
(I bring too very much!)
but all of it I leave behind
as I feel His touch.
He knew what I was needful of
before we even came.
I know that He is all I want
and so I call His Name.
What a perfect Escort...
what a precious place...
what a wonderful retreat
with Jesus--Lord of Grace!

Beautiful location
where is we only Two!
Not a thing of more import,
no greater thing to do
than being present there where
fellowship is taking place:
heart-to-heart with God Himself-
Jesus, face-to-face!

Wherever that location is, find it and go there often!
Do not let anything interfere with that intimate time with Jesus.
NOTHING is more important, because in that place He will equip you for everything the rest of your day contains!

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