Monday, October 10, 2011

The "Spot!"

In the secret place with God,
no one else around;
so thick and powerful, His sight,
incredible, the sound!
The glory of His Majesty,
the splendor of His face...
the methods He to utilize
in blessing with His grace!

"What blessing, Lord, Your countenance
as You look with delight!
Lord, You are so glorious!
Your grace--it is so bright!
You are so very personal,
so beautiful, so real;
You tap mine each emotion,
the very least be "feel!"

Oh, the silence of the sound,
Oh, the secret place;
in the Presence of Jehovah-
all else to erase!
Competition ceases,
comparison is not
as I am with my Father God-
perfect be the spot!

Oh, that perfect place where Jesus meets us personally.
I go there often. I have to.
For it is in that place where He is made real to every sense...and greater.
Seek that place in your own life. He will provide it and meet you there!

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