Tuesday, October 18, 2011


In a foreign land...in a foreign house...but something is the same.
Too, something is incredibly new...fresh...beautiful!

"Seize the heart of me, oh God,
lest I would be estranged!
Take me in the place I am;
my Father, get me changed!
The gods that I have worshiped,
the idols I possess...
Rescue me! Deliver me,
so once more You can bless!

Seize the heart of me once more;
tear off the bogus veil!
I know that You see my facade;
to You, alone, I fail!
Peel the layers of the callous,
strip away the dross
so that, to word the Truth of You,
I never be at loss!

Seize the heart of me, oh God,
I turn away from all!
Purge the whole of me that I
be able for Your Call!
Beyond what I have known, what I've
been told, what I've been taught,
reveal Yourself anew-the Treasure
only You could wrought!"

Will fear embezzle us out of the new and beautiful?
Will I be ripped-off by clinging to "We've always done it that way...?"

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