Monday, October 10, 2011


From the mountain, o the vision!
O the liberty!
What a blessing, knowing that
immediate to be!
How easy is the faith to be
when standing in this place!
And glorious, the scape of living
in the realm of grace!

From the vale...what confusion...
oh, the stress and strain.
With the eyes, life appears
everything but plain.
Questions without answers...
vision without voice...
can the vale contain a cause
for any to rejoice?

But the mountain and the valley
have a constancy:
One Creator have they, and
He seeks out such as we!
All of life can know true balance
inside His possession!
Know the glory of His living-
give Him your confession!

Life has its ups and downs...but God is stable!
As you have read, even the landscape has peaks and valleys, but God yet oversees all of it.
He can handle whatever is going on in your life, and help you handle it, as well.

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