Thursday, October 27, 2011

THE Reason

I am called according to His purpose.
I am ordained to herald Jesus Christ!
To tell all of the Good News of the Gospel,
to let them know that Jesus has sufficed!
No adding or subtracting from the Gospel
will make the Word of any more effect;
Jesus is the whole of our salvation;
each heart, at the Cross, must intersect!

Jesus--the desire of the ages;
Jesus--the requirement of God;
living in the Bible's hallowed pages,
the heart of every person to applaud!

I am called according to His purpose:
I must remind you, Jesus is The Way!
Not another name has our salvation!
Nothing greater to trust in or obey!
Know Him for Yourself and you will prosper!
Know Him in Your heart and you will live!
Give to Him your being in completeness,
in return, eternal life He'll give!

You are also called. There IS a reason for you being alive!
Give your heart to Jesus and find out what that reason is.
He makes all that difference in this world...and the next!

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