Monday, October 3, 2011


I was created to worship God.
WE were created to worship God!

"O my God, You are so good!
I would tell You if I could
but all of my words fall so short...
How then, such love, may I exhort?

You are so very great, oh God!
The stars, themselves, sing and applaud!
Planets stay their every course
because of Your exclusive force!

So very good, so very great...
Your mercies I to celebrate
and vocalize as best I can
unto Your each and every man!

So personal--so powerful,
so real!
The glory of You, God, o let
mine every breath reveal!"

Mine every breath reveal.
Does that always happen? Of course not! Sometimes I say things that completely oppose all that God is. Pray for me!
I want to be an instrument of praise all the day long...ALL ETERNITY LONG!
Are you with me?

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