Monday, October 10, 2011

The Potent Tongue!

In a place again with nothing-
can I be content?
Knowing what the others have,
why have I been sent?
Knowing, though, His calling is,
such query holds no weight;
for this I know: with God to lead,
the outcome will be great!

How powerful are the words we use.
How powerful are the statements we make.
Have you found this truth yet?
One month after writing this, the phone rang. It was an attorney that we had to use a few years ago. They were 'housecleaning' and found a check we gave them for fees. An overpayment of fees. After about an hour of searching for documents, I had a check in my hand for over $1500!
Be careful what you say.
Be positive with what you say!
God honors the fruit of your lips.
Is that fruit fresh and ripe?

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