Sunday, October 30, 2011


There is a song inside of everyone.
What is the sound of yours?
If you want, God can affect that song and make it beautiful! Yes, He can cause beauty to rise up in you!!
Cry out to Him

"You are the words, You are the verse,
You are the very song!
You change our lives in ways that cause us
want to sing along!
In every situation,
in every locale,
You raise us to a higher place
and even raise morale!"

"The music, it is settled in your heart:
a song of which I am the greatest part!
The melody that gets you through the day-
Sing out! Sing out! Resound "I AM THE WAY!"

"You are the Song so deep within
that we must cause to rise!
Reasons that we have to sing
You make us realize.
So many are the causes that
we have to celebrate;
all because of You, oh God,
so beautiful, so great!"

Yes, there is a song within!
Give Him every part of your life and watch Him make a glorious piece!

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