Saturday, October 1, 2011

More than Song

In the early morning light...

"He walks with me and talks with me..."
how many understand?
How can I stress how real is
the presence of His hand?
He lives with me and gives to me...
I prosper in this way!
No other way I choose to live

in this, the latter day!

God is so real!
His presence is so real.
His guidance is so real.
His provision is so real.
Why seek anything else?
Why seek anything less?

He walks with me and talks with me,
and surely I respond!
His Presence is so glorious!
Of Him, I am so fond!
Jesus is the One Who charts
the path I am to take,
His love has made a covenant
no thing at all may break!

And that pact is to love you, save you, heal you, fill you, to keep you for His own...not just to walk beside you and be an observer!
Do your part! Ask Him to live in your heart and be your Savior!

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