Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Moment

In the moment, let no thing
distract or interfere.
Nothing but the very heart
has any business here!
Anything less than my all,
it would, insulting, be!
The moment with my Father God
Who knows the whole of me.

Too many, the facades I use
amidst my brother man.
Offensive-oh the means I use
to get all that I can!
My Father sees beyond it all,
desiring much more.
Where is accountability...
What is mercy for?!

The Moment. Oh, for glory to
survive His visitation!
And glorious, His embrace-
what a celebration!
So personal! So tangible!
My Father and His love!
Oh, so very fortunate,
His number to be of!

"Oh, I want to be in that number..." Are you sure? It might be painful. You might be so close to Him that He looks at you and asks for something that you are not willing to release.
What will you do "in that moment?"

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