Thursday, October 6, 2011


Oh, the wonderful sound!

The song of little voices and
the scuff of little feet
at the end of busy day
to make my life complete;
folding hands together, then
the joining of the same...
oh, the many blessings from
One precious, holy Name!

What to match the love contained
within the family
that would be submitted to
the leadership of Three?
Love, hope and serenity-
a triple-cord of trust;
that which showers from the heights
be that by which it's trussed!

The melody and ministry
of living in the Lord;
consciences of the blessings
ever to afford!
And ministry unto each other
be our calling e'er.
Hallelujah! for the boundless
love we have to share!

So fortunate are those with such memories.
It's not too late to make such. Just start enjoying the days with your children more and more.

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