Friday, October 28, 2011

In Spite of ME!

Oh, so wonderful: no matter what life has or becomes, God remains faithful!

In spite of humanness,
You prosper and You bless.
Your faithfulness is wrought
even when mine is naught!

You're always there whenever I should call.
Even when I give less than my all;
even when I turn my back on You,
You're there, behind me-there to see me through.

The only fact that is clear-
You are there...and You are here!
And even when You are outright ignored,
You respond to us when we say "Lord..."
And I also know and understand
the presence and the moving of Your hand.
It's always there to prosper and to bless,
regardless of my blatant humanness!"

How great is our God!
He is so great that He can still love us and minister to us when we shun Him.
What a wonderful Savior!
He continues to love us even through WE crucified Him!
Do you know Him this way?

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