Monday, October 10, 2011


How marvelous, the serenity of the shelter of His hand!
Always accessible. Always whatever is needed at the time...

The stillness of abiding in His palm;
not another place to be as calm;
momentary-what escape so sweet...
Permanently-o, be made complete!

No matter the location;
environs even pend?
But the same to even be
a means unto an end?
NEVER! Grace is to reside
wherever life is found!
Know that Christ-He is The Source!
Stand, o stand your ground!

Yes, the stillness of His palm abiding...
So refreshing! Quietly exciting!
See Him, feel Him, know Him as He's known.
Make the peace of Jesus Christ your own!

That peace is only a breath away...yet in a whole 'nother world!
This page only contains words about it...and that doesn't even scratch the surface!
You must experience the peace of God for yourself.

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