Saturday, October 8, 2011

Clean my Life

There are times when I just have to stop and make the time for God to do what only He can do in my life...

"Father, clean my life, I pray.
I do not want to live this way.
I want my life to only be
what is pleasing unto Thee.
I know that if I live Thy plan
I'll be right with my fellow man.
All things work out for the good
if I am living as I should.

In that chamber so alive,
where emotions ever thrive,
enter and completely cleanse
of what my humanness intends.
Be, in the same, a Light so bright
as to entice men unto 'right;'
and let, upon the outside, be
the same as beats internally!

Oh Father God, but only Thee,
the depths within, to clearly see.
Therefore, to no one else, I yield
than Him to Whom naught is concealed!
Thou seest him who is the man
and offer him a sovereign plan.
Make me obedient to such,
applying, sure, Thy healing touch!

In JESUS' Name,

God sees and knows you...completely! Not only is He aware of all that you are and have ever done, he STILL loves you and offers newness of life to you!
Let Him into your heart to do THE cleaning that no one else can do!

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