Sunday, October 23, 2011

Celebration Is

I was at church early this morning.
After I made coffee, there was still time before class arrived for me to listen and write.
I am constantly amazed at how the Holy Spirit will give me words that are in direct agreement with what the morning sermon is going to be!

Celebration happens
regardless of our state.
It is beyond all circumstance
and it cannot wait!
For Jesus--He is worthy of
all laud and adoration,
and He is central to that constant
state of celebration!

Whatever be the circumstance,
eternity outweighs!
Amidst the issues I can dance
and sing His awesome praise!
Jesus--Savior of my soul
and Giver of all life,
enables me to rise above
all stresses and all strife!

Celebration happens
in spite of what goes on,
as I am reminded
"all of this will soon be gone!"
I don't have to avoid the things
that might cause irritation,
I go through them with victory
and onto celebration!

There may not be any celebrating in your life right now, but there is celebration. Jesus is celebrating because He is already there in that tomorrow when this situation is past and you have emerged victorious!
Try to focus on that with Him.

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