Sunday, October 9, 2011

Call of 'Duty?'

Every person is in need of something from God.
Just as true, each of us have something from God that someone else is in need of.
We must 'put ourselves out' and provide it!

Again, my brother falls.
Again, the calling calls.
I've got to catch this man!
I must do what I can.
Already is there shame;
already is there blame.
I must show some support;
I must, Christ's ways, exhort.

My brother has a heart.
It's tearing now apart.
The world may shun his pain;
but, unto some, it's plain.
And ministry must be
for healing to be free!
And ministers we all,
if we would heed the Call.

Again, my brother falls.
Sin--it yet appalls!
But he can be restored-
For Jesus is yet Lord!
We have no room to judge-
for Jesus holds no grudge.
Again, the calling calls...
"Oh God, break down the walls!"

Don't let anything or anyone stop you from giving life!
Freely, freely, you have received.
Freely, freely give.

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