Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beyond the surface

Ah, the Presence of Jesus in the day...
Walking and talking...but is that all?
It can't be all! There is so much more to Jesus than just walking and talking!

"You are the life I live,
the Giver Who will give,
the One behind the scenes
assuring all my means.

I see the evidence of You, Lord,
as I look around.
In all creation, each direction,
You are surely found!
But in that which cannot be seen:
the workings of the day,
there You are, and You assure us
You are going to stay!
You are there, behind the scenes,
in what we have to do...
You are there where we aren't yet,
preparing for us to...
You are there where we cannot be
in Your mighty power
doing war on our behalf
unto that final hour!

You are the Giver of all life
and we receive with joy!
Your ways, unto the lives around,
Lord, we will sure employ!"

God is at work in all the we can see...and what cannot be seen.
Remember that when you face that situation today about which you don't know what you are going to do.

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