Sunday, October 16, 2011

Best Rest

"O my God, I come, I come,
I desire rest!
'Living has required life,'
oh, this would I attest!
The life that I have given, I know
You can give it back;
the amount that I require...
Lord, You keep no track!

I come back to the Fountain I know
flows without an end;
Living that is so alive,
and closer than a friend!
'There is none like You!' So is
the cry of my own heart;
You are THE Rest, o Lord my God;
completely now impart!

Oh God, I come; o blessed be
the Peace alive, so real.
I raise up my life to You
and You do not conceal!
All of living comes from You-
Your strength I realize;
I am complete...I am repaired,
once more to utilize."

Blessed be the perfect rest availed in God.
Every quality about Him is far more than we can imagine or are accustomed to.
Therefore, to receive what we ask for requires us to almost 'release' ourselves.
Can you give up that much of yourself?
Again, it's worth it!

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