Monday, October 10, 2011

Beautiful Defender!

The Lord, He is so mighty,
so beautiful, so real!
He is so far above emotion,
yet, the same, to feel;
my Master and my Savior,
my Healer and my Guide;
the Lord--He is so mighty,
yet I shan't have to hide!

"Oh Lord, so very mighty,
so high and lifted up,
I give to You mine everything,
I lift, to You, my cup;
oh fill to overflowing,
and, Lord, I shall be filled!
Everything about You, Jesus,
into me, instilled!

O Jesus Christ, most glorious,
there is not any other!
So much more than 'friend' and even
closer than a 'brother!'
Here am I, receive me,
consecrate me for Your own
that Christ in me be all that's seen,
when even I'm alone!"

More of Jesus. Less of me.
A daily, constant battle that must be waged with proficiency!
I must die to self, and He will fight the rest. AND, He will do the same for you!
Submit to Jesus. Commit to Jesus. He is all you will ever need!

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