Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Where am I?!
How did I get to this place?
I can't live like this...

Back again with Life alive
and Word, so living still!
I shall discover Truth again,
and receive God's will.
Blessed be the stories that are
far more than just "tale;"
recipes and formulas
that do not ever fail!

"Speak once more into my heart
the comfort and the peace!
Speak again, into my spirit,
ultimate release!
Remind, again, the soul of me,
assurance that can't fail!
And strengthen me as I am with You;
Lord, I am so frail!"

Back again with Life alive
and restoration true.
I am made complete again,
each facet to renew!
Jesus Christ--Living Word--
oh, there is none like You!
Here am I again, send me;
I'll do what You say to."

Back to the Bible. Back to the basics.
So easy it is to get distracted and caught up with life...only to avoid the greatest Life Manual there is: God's Living Word!

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