Thursday, October 6, 2011


A tapestry upon the land
that only One may weave.
Casting eyes upon it, oh,
can anyone believe?!
At times, even the writer, he
be left without a verse
matter not the days and moments
he's had to rehearse!

But the Maker of it, oh,
the beauty on the land,
He be faithful also to
the writer's ceded hand
transferring the quilt and the
blest symphony, so real,
onto a piece of paper that,
to one, may soon appeal.

Middle of the autumn on
an Ozark afternoon-
a consonance unto the sight,
a vision to the tune.
And the subtle, norther sigh
gently to remind
yet another season soon
upon the land to find!

Seasons come and go...time waits for no we must do our best to take in the glory of creation, the beauty of today, and praise God for it.
Tomorrow WILL hold something completely different, something new to see.
Will it be better than today?

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