Saturday, October 29, 2011


Back to the mountaintop.
The climb is often arduous, but the view is well worth it.
God waits for me up on the mountaintop.
I have been through the valley.
A lot of people would rather skip the valley, but that is where the fruit grows!
God is present in the valley.
Too often, we get so used to a certain 'place' or 'state' and tend to spend all of our time there. Such ought not to be.
God has a purpose for every place we are in life. Too, there may be a lesson there that He wants us to learn before He advances us.
This life is a journey. Don't avoid it!

How awesome is the mountaintop before me!
The views awaiting just beyond that crest!
The journey, it takes effort and it's tiring,
oh, but this I know: I WILL BE BLESSED!
Whatever be the sacrifice required,
it will be done that I may move ahead!
Gifts He has there waiting for the faithful,
them that are His chosen, Spirit-led!

Keep pressing on!
Don't give up. If you you need strength, ask Him for it!
If you are tired of climbing, rest for a moment, but don't give up!
The mountaintop is well worth it!

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