Monday, October 31, 2011

"Writer's block?"

What to do when at a loss for something to write about?
Where to search for those elusive words and phrases?
Just look outside!
Even now, as Autumn takes over!
Especially now, before it is all on the ground!
For God's beautiful creation is so inspiring...

Flickering with gentlest of breath,
clinging to dear life in face of death,
the leaves of every color occupy
until their one ascent in their own sky.
The radiance that each of them possess
everybody's vision is to bless!
Behold the glory of the autumn rite
before it is replaced by frigid white!

Look around. God's creation is replete with things to behold and be inspired by!
Even if it is but the descent of a loneliest oak leaf, it is life. Beautiful life!
Don't miss it!
God created it for a purpose. Try to obtain that purpose.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


There is a song inside of everyone.
What is the sound of yours?
If you want, God can affect that song and make it beautiful! Yes, He can cause beauty to rise up in you!!
Cry out to Him

"You are the words, You are the verse,
You are the very song!
You change our lives in ways that cause us
want to sing along!
In every situation,
in every locale,
You raise us to a higher place
and even raise morale!"

"The music, it is settled in your heart:
a song of which I am the greatest part!
The melody that gets you through the day-
Sing out! Sing out! Resound "I AM THE WAY!"

"You are the Song so deep within
that we must cause to rise!
Reasons that we have to sing
You make us realize.
So many are the causes that
we have to celebrate;
all because of You, oh God,
so beautiful, so great!"

Yes, there is a song within!
Give Him every part of your life and watch Him make a glorious piece!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Back to the mountaintop.
The climb is often arduous, but the view is well worth it.
God waits for me up on the mountaintop.
I have been through the valley.
A lot of people would rather skip the valley, but that is where the fruit grows!
God is present in the valley.
Too often, we get so used to a certain 'place' or 'state' and tend to spend all of our time there. Such ought not to be.
God has a purpose for every place we are in life. Too, there may be a lesson there that He wants us to learn before He advances us.
This life is a journey. Don't avoid it!

How awesome is the mountaintop before me!
The views awaiting just beyond that crest!
The journey, it takes effort and it's tiring,
oh, but this I know: I WILL BE BLESSED!
Whatever be the sacrifice required,
it will be done that I may move ahead!
Gifts He has there waiting for the faithful,
them that are His chosen, Spirit-led!

Keep pressing on!
Don't give up. If you you need strength, ask Him for it!
If you are tired of climbing, rest for a moment, but don't give up!
The mountaintop is well worth it!

Friday, October 28, 2011

In Spite of ME!

Oh, so wonderful: no matter what life has or becomes, God remains faithful!

In spite of humanness,
You prosper and You bless.
Your faithfulness is wrought
even when mine is naught!

You're always there whenever I should call.
Even when I give less than my all;
even when I turn my back on You,
You're there, behind me-there to see me through.

The only fact that is clear-
You are there...and You are here!
And even when You are outright ignored,
You respond to us when we say "Lord..."
And I also know and understand
the presence and the moving of Your hand.
It's always there to prosper and to bless,
regardless of my blatant humanness!"

How great is our God!
He is so great that He can still love us and minister to us when we shun Him.
What a wonderful Savior!
He continues to love us even through WE crucified Him!
Do you know Him this way?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

THE Reason

I am called according to His purpose.
I am ordained to herald Jesus Christ!
To tell all of the Good News of the Gospel,
to let them know that Jesus has sufficed!
No adding or subtracting from the Gospel
will make the Word of any more effect;
Jesus is the whole of our salvation;
each heart, at the Cross, must intersect!

Jesus--the desire of the ages;
Jesus--the requirement of God;
living in the Bible's hallowed pages,
the heart of every person to applaud!

I am called according to His purpose:
I must remind you, Jesus is The Way!
Not another name has our salvation!
Nothing greater to trust in or obey!
Know Him for Yourself and you will prosper!
Know Him in Your heart and you will live!
Give to Him your being in completeness,
in return, eternal life He'll give!

You are also called. There IS a reason for you being alive!
Give your heart to Jesus and find out what that reason is.
He makes all that difference in this world...and the next!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Celebration Is

I was at church early this morning.
After I made coffee, there was still time before class arrived for me to listen and write.
I am constantly amazed at how the Holy Spirit will give me words that are in direct agreement with what the morning sermon is going to be!

Celebration happens
regardless of our state.
It is beyond all circumstance
and it cannot wait!
For Jesus--He is worthy of
all laud and adoration,
and He is central to that constant
state of celebration!

Whatever be the circumstance,
eternity outweighs!
Amidst the issues I can dance
and sing His awesome praise!
Jesus--Savior of my soul
and Giver of all life,
enables me to rise above
all stresses and all strife!

Celebration happens
in spite of what goes on,
as I am reminded
"all of this will soon be gone!"
I don't have to avoid the things
that might cause irritation,
I go through them with victory
and onto celebration!

There may not be any celebrating in your life right now, but there is celebration. Jesus is celebrating because He is already there in that tomorrow when this situation is past and you have emerged victorious!
Try to focus on that with Him.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Perfect Love!

O, there is nothing like a love
that grace may comprehend!
O there is nothing like affection
that shall never end...
not a thing compares with passion
mercy oversees...
and there is no one like The Person
that is all of these!

Jesus! Oh, His Name is Jesus-
and He is that love!
All that He is in this life-
it fits me like a glove!
His Holy Spirit NEVER leaves,
He helps me to behave;
He is the One Who prompted me
cry out for Him to save!

O what love, so glorious,
beyond all word or verse.
And I will use this life to love,
(but only to rehearse!)
Eternity is calling me
and Love, it is The Way!
For there is love become perfected
as the ONLY stay!

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlating life!"
I'm a 'whosoever!' What about you?


Where am I?!
How did I get to this place?
I can't live like this...

Back again with Life alive
and Word, so living still!
I shall discover Truth again,
and receive God's will.
Blessed be the stories that are
far more than just "tale;"
recipes and formulas
that do not ever fail!

"Speak once more into my heart
the comfort and the peace!
Speak again, into my spirit,
ultimate release!
Remind, again, the soul of me,
assurance that can't fail!
And strengthen me as I am with You;
Lord, I am so frail!"

Back again with Life alive
and restoration true.
I am made complete again,
each facet to renew!
Jesus Christ--Living Word--
oh, there is none like You!
Here am I again, send me;
I'll do what You say to."

Back to the Bible. Back to the basics.
So easy it is to get distracted and caught up with life...only to avoid the greatest Life Manual there is: God's Living Word!


In a foreign a foreign house...but something is the same.
Too, something is incredibly new...fresh...beautiful!

"Seize the heart of me, oh God,
lest I would be estranged!
Take me in the place I am;
my Father, get me changed!
The gods that I have worshiped,
the idols I possess...
Rescue me! Deliver me,
so once more You can bless!

Seize the heart of me once more;
tear off the bogus veil!
I know that You see my facade;
to You, alone, I fail!
Peel the layers of the callous,
strip away the dross
so that, to word the Truth of You,
I never be at loss!

Seize the heart of me, oh God,
I turn away from all!
Purge the whole of me that I
be able for Your Call!
Beyond what I have known, what I've
been told, what I've been taught,
reveal Yourself anew-the Treasure
only You could wrought!"

Will fear embezzle us out of the new and beautiful?
Will I be ripped-off by clinging to "We've always done it that way...?"

There is a way!

"There is no way that I can know
Your power in its all;
no way to know what You went through
when You took our fall;
No way to know the things You faced
before that Sunday morn;
and Lord, how can I find the words
to say how I'm reborn?!

But there is a way that I can know
and say Your perfect love!
I can tell about the life
that beckons me above.
And I will share the Truth You are
with all the life in me,
that there might be just one more share
in Your eternity!

There is a way that we can know
and You so freely give.
Thank You for living in our lives
as this life we live.
You are the Truth, You are the Life,
You are the only Way;
and we rejoice in knowing You more
as we seek The Day!"

Yes, there is a way we can know Jesus. There are MANY ways we can know Jesus! And there more we know Him, the more we should want to tell others about Him! There is proof of Him all around them, they just have to be made aware of Him.
Wherever you are today, let them know!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Moment

In the moment, let no thing
distract or interfere.
Nothing but the very heart
has any business here!
Anything less than my all,
it would, insulting, be!
The moment with my Father God
Who knows the whole of me.

Too many, the facades I use
amidst my brother man.
Offensive-oh the means I use
to get all that I can!
My Father sees beyond it all,
desiring much more.
Where is accountability...
What is mercy for?!

The Moment. Oh, for glory to
survive His visitation!
And glorious, His embrace-
what a celebration!
So personal! So tangible!
My Father and His love!
Oh, so very fortunate,
His number to be of!

"Oh, I want to be in that number..." Are you sure? It might be painful. You might be so close to Him that He looks at you and asks for something that you are not willing to release.
What will you do "in that moment?"

Best Rest

"O my God, I come, I come,
I desire rest!
'Living has required life,'
oh, this would I attest!
The life that I have given, I know
You can give it back;
the amount that I require...
Lord, You keep no track!

I come back to the Fountain I know
flows without an end;
Living that is so alive,
and closer than a friend!
'There is none like You!' So is
the cry of my own heart;
You are THE Rest, o Lord my God;
completely now impart!

Oh God, I come; o blessed be
the Peace alive, so real.
I raise up my life to You
and You do not conceal!
All of living comes from You-
Your strength I realize;
I am complete...I am repaired,
once more to utilize."

Blessed be the perfect rest availed in God.
Every quality about Him is far more than we can imagine or are accustomed to.
Therefore, to receive what we ask for requires us to almost 'release' ourselves.
Can you give up that much of yourself?
Again, it's worth it!

Monday, October 10, 2011


How marvelous, the serenity of the shelter of His hand!
Always accessible. Always whatever is needed at the time...

The stillness of abiding in His palm;
not another place to be as calm;
momentary-what escape so sweet...
Permanently-o, be made complete!

No matter the location;
environs even pend?
But the same to even be
a means unto an end?
NEVER! Grace is to reside
wherever life is found!
Know that Christ-He is The Source!
Stand, o stand your ground!

Yes, the stillness of His palm abiding...
So refreshing! Quietly exciting!
See Him, feel Him, know Him as He's known.
Make the peace of Jesus Christ your own!

That peace is only a breath away...yet in a whole 'nother world!
This page only contains words about it...and that doesn't even scratch the surface!
You must experience the peace of God for yourself.


From the mountain, o the vision!
O the liberty!
What a blessing, knowing that
immediate to be!
How easy is the faith to be
when standing in this place!
And glorious, the scape of living
in the realm of grace!

From the vale...what confusion...
oh, the stress and strain.
With the eyes, life appears
everything but plain.
Questions without answers...
vision without voice...
can the vale contain a cause
for any to rejoice?

But the mountain and the valley
have a constancy:
One Creator have they, and
He seeks out such as we!
All of life can know true balance
inside His possession!
Know the glory of His living-
give Him your confession!

Life has its ups and downs...but God is stable!
As you have read, even the landscape has peaks and valleys, but God yet oversees all of it.
He can handle whatever is going on in your life, and help you handle it, as well.

Beautiful Defender!

The Lord, He is so mighty,
so beautiful, so real!
He is so far above emotion,
yet, the same, to feel;
my Master and my Savior,
my Healer and my Guide;
the Lord--He is so mighty,
yet I shan't have to hide!

"Oh Lord, so very mighty,
so high and lifted up,
I give to You mine everything,
I lift, to You, my cup;
oh fill to overflowing,
and, Lord, I shall be filled!
Everything about You, Jesus,
into me, instilled!

O Jesus Christ, most glorious,
there is not any other!
So much more than 'friend' and even
closer than a 'brother!'
Here am I, receive me,
consecrate me for Your own
that Christ in me be all that's seen,
when even I'm alone!"

More of Jesus. Less of me.
A daily, constant battle that must be waged with proficiency!
I must die to self, and He will fight the rest. AND, He will do the same for you!
Submit to Jesus. Commit to Jesus. He is all you will ever need!


Pray with me:

"Thank You for my family,
one voice at a time:
those so very seasoned,
into Your depth to climb;
and Theodore-so brand new,
we dedicate just now!
Declare Him to Yourself, oh God,
affirm Your sovereign vow!

We dedicate his life to You
in service and all living;
we dedicate his heart to You,
the same for always giving;
we dedicate his soul to You,
please save it for Your Own;
in all his ways, O Mighty God,
may You be surely known!

How wonderful, the family
with which I am so blessed!
In all our ways we testify
You are the very best!
We dedicate ourselves afresh
unto You and Your ways;
let every facet of our lives
be, unto You, a praise!

Amen. God is so faithful! He has provided a beautiful little man to carry on this name.
Please remember Theo in your prayers.

The Potent Tongue!

In a place again with nothing-
can I be content?
Knowing what the others have,
why have I been sent?
Knowing, though, His calling is,
such query holds no weight;
for this I know: with God to lead,
the outcome will be great!

How powerful are the words we use.
How powerful are the statements we make.
Have you found this truth yet?
One month after writing this, the phone rang. It was an attorney that we had to use a few years ago. They were 'housecleaning' and found a check we gave them for fees. An overpayment of fees. After about an hour of searching for documents, I had a check in my hand for over $1500!
Be careful what you say.
Be positive with what you say!
God honors the fruit of your lips.
Is that fruit fresh and ripe?

For Granted...

September 5, 2011, Chattanooga, TN. Tail-end of Tropical Storm Irene...

Sunshine--one drop at a time...
life--cascading down...
at the sight of such as this,
too many people frown.
Without it, oh so many blossoms
would not even be.
The majesty of life anew--
what miracles to see!

Behold! The greatest fireworks
to ever grace the sky!
The language of the heavens from
the roar unto the sigh! drop at a time...
all of life containing.
How sad, the ones who look outside
and say "It's only raining!"

The "Spot!"

In the secret place with God,
no one else around;
so thick and powerful, His sight,
incredible, the sound!
The glory of His Majesty,
the splendor of His face...
the methods He to utilize
in blessing with His grace!

"What blessing, Lord, Your countenance
as You look with delight!
Lord, You are so glorious!
Your grace--it is so bright!
You are so very personal,
so beautiful, so real;
You tap mine each emotion,
the very least be "feel!"

Oh, the silence of the sound,
Oh, the secret place;
in the Presence of Jehovah-
all else to erase!
Competition ceases,
comparison is not
as I am with my Father God-
perfect be the spot!

Oh, that perfect place where Jesus meets us personally.
I go there often. I have to.
For it is in that place where He is made real to every sense...and greater.
Seek that place in your own life. He will provide it and meet you there!

"That" word


"Your timing is so perfect-
by it, things get done!
Success is come in submission
unto Christ, Your Son.
You lead us and You guide us,
You bless us in Your time;
You promote us in Your own way-
steady be our climb."

God's blessings come into my life is many disguises. Most often, they do not appear the way we envisioned.
Too, His timing is probably never the same as ours. There are many blessings in store for us by living with His patience and seeking to do things in His time.
But God knows what is best, and He WILL answer when we pray. If I am going to attempt something or undertake anything without seeking His will first, I may succeed, but not without incident. Though I may pray and seek His will first, there may be incident, but there is great grace there to escort us through!
God loves us so much that He plans our entire life for us, and He wants to hear us talk to Him about that!
Again, the writer is looking into the mirror and writing.
I hope this helps you, too.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Call of 'Duty?'

Every person is in need of something from God.
Just as true, each of us have something from God that someone else is in need of.
We must 'put ourselves out' and provide it!

Again, my brother falls.
Again, the calling calls.
I've got to catch this man!
I must do what I can.
Already is there shame;
already is there blame.
I must show some support;
I must, Christ's ways, exhort.

My brother has a heart.
It's tearing now apart.
The world may shun his pain;
but, unto some, it's plain.
And ministry must be
for healing to be free!
And ministers we all,
if we would heed the Call.

Again, my brother falls.
Sin--it yet appalls!
But he can be restored-
For Jesus is yet Lord!
We have no room to judge-
for Jesus holds no grudge.
Again, the calling calls...
"Oh God, break down the walls!"

Don't let anything or anyone stop you from giving life!
Freely, freely, you have received.
Freely, freely give.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Clean my Life

There are times when I just have to stop and make the time for God to do what only He can do in my life...

"Father, clean my life, I pray.
I do not want to live this way.
I want my life to only be
what is pleasing unto Thee.
I know that if I live Thy plan
I'll be right with my fellow man.
All things work out for the good
if I am living as I should.

In that chamber so alive,
where emotions ever thrive,
enter and completely cleanse
of what my humanness intends.
Be, in the same, a Light so bright
as to entice men unto 'right;'
and let, upon the outside, be
the same as beats internally!

Oh Father God, but only Thee,
the depths within, to clearly see.
Therefore, to no one else, I yield
than Him to Whom naught is concealed!
Thou seest him who is the man
and offer him a sovereign plan.
Make me obedient to such,
applying, sure, Thy healing touch!

In JESUS' Name,

God sees and knows you...completely! Not only is He aware of all that you are and have ever done, he STILL loves you and offers newness of life to you!
Let Him into your heart to do THE cleaning that no one else can do!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Oh, the wonderful sound!

The song of little voices and
the scuff of little feet
at the end of busy day
to make my life complete;
folding hands together, then
the joining of the same...
oh, the many blessings from
One precious, holy Name!

What to match the love contained
within the family
that would be submitted to
the leadership of Three?
Love, hope and serenity-
a triple-cord of trust;
that which showers from the heights
be that by which it's trussed!

The melody and ministry
of living in the Lord;
consciences of the blessings
ever to afford!
And ministry unto each other
be our calling e'er.
Hallelujah! for the boundless
love we have to share!

So fortunate are those with such memories.
It's not too late to make such. Just start enjoying the days with your children more and more.


A tapestry upon the land
that only One may weave.
Casting eyes upon it, oh,
can anyone believe?!
At times, even the writer, he
be left without a verse
matter not the days and moments
he's had to rehearse!

But the Maker of it, oh,
the beauty on the land,
He be faithful also to
the writer's ceded hand
transferring the quilt and the
blest symphony, so real,
onto a piece of paper that,
to one, may soon appeal.

Middle of the autumn on
an Ozark afternoon-
a consonance unto the sight,
a vision to the tune.
And the subtle, norther sigh
gently to remind
yet another season soon
upon the land to find!

Seasons come and go...time waits for no we must do our best to take in the glory of creation, the beauty of today, and praise God for it.
Tomorrow WILL hold something completely different, something new to see.
Will it be better than today?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


You make a new October
and give it as a gift,
therefore to cause each writer,
the volumes for to sift!
A phrase to capture color...
the words defining 'hue...'
the tools we need to fabricate
a vehicle called 'view.'
But God, each time is captured and
assembled rhythmic verse,
You breathe upon the landscape, all
emotion to immerse!
And we must start all over, we
addicted to creation,
start afresh to know Your touch
with our interpretation!

I think Father God takes great delight in watching myself and others try to capture the glory of His creation and contain it in words.
It may not be able to be done. That said, why am I, why are we, so addicted to such pursuit?!
May we NEVER be satisfied!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Beyond the surface

Ah, the Presence of Jesus in the day...
Walking and talking...but is that all?
It can't be all! There is so much more to Jesus than just walking and talking!

"You are the life I live,
the Giver Who will give,
the One behind the scenes
assuring all my means.

I see the evidence of You, Lord,
as I look around.
In all creation, each direction,
You are surely found!
But in that which cannot be seen:
the workings of the day,
there You are, and You assure us
You are going to stay!
You are there, behind the scenes,
in what we have to do...
You are there where we aren't yet,
preparing for us to...
You are there where we cannot be
in Your mighty power
doing war on our behalf
unto that final hour!

You are the Giver of all life
and we receive with joy!
Your ways, unto the lives around,
Lord, we will sure employ!"

God is at work in all the we can see...and what cannot be seen.
Remember that when you face that situation today about which you don't know what you are going to do.

Monday, October 3, 2011


I was created to worship God.
WE were created to worship God!

"O my God, You are so good!
I would tell You if I could
but all of my words fall so short...
How then, such love, may I exhort?

You are so very great, oh God!
The stars, themselves, sing and applaud!
Planets stay their every course
because of Your exclusive force!

So very good, so very great...
Your mercies I to celebrate
and vocalize as best I can
unto Your each and every man!

So personal--so powerful,
so real!
The glory of You, God, o let
mine every breath reveal!"

Mine every breath reveal.
Does that always happen? Of course not! Sometimes I say things that completely oppose all that God is. Pray for me!
I want to be an instrument of praise all the day long...ALL ETERNITY LONG!
Are you with me?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

That Retreat

Once again unto that place
where Jesus and I go.
It is a place so intimate
that only two can go.
He brings there everything He needs,
(I bring too very much!)
but all of it I leave behind
as I feel His touch.
He knew what I was needful of
before we even came.
I know that He is all I want
and so I call His Name.
What a perfect Escort...
what a precious place...
what a wonderful retreat
with Jesus--Lord of Grace!

Beautiful location
where is we only Two!
Not a thing of more import,
no greater thing to do
than being present there where
fellowship is taking place:
heart-to-heart with God Himself-
Jesus, face-to-face!

Wherever that location is, find it and go there often!
Do not let anything interfere with that intimate time with Jesus.
NOTHING is more important, because in that place He will equip you for everything the rest of your day contains!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

More than Song

In the early morning light...

"He walks with me and talks with me..."
how many understand?
How can I stress how real is
the presence of His hand?
He lives with me and gives to me...
I prosper in this way!
No other way I choose to live

in this, the latter day!

God is so real!
His presence is so real.
His guidance is so real.
His provision is so real.
Why seek anything else?
Why seek anything less?

He walks with me and talks with me,
and surely I respond!
His Presence is so glorious!
Of Him, I am so fond!
Jesus is the One Who charts
the path I am to take,
His love has made a covenant
no thing at all may break!

And that pact is to love you, save you, heal you, fill you, to keep you for His own...not just to walk beside you and be an observer!
Do your part! Ask Him to live in your heart and be your Savior!