Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Time for time

The glory and the majesty of season change.
The wonder and the splendor of Fall!
So fortunate and favored be those who see and recognize God's touch in the land about them.
Are you one of them?

So early in the season...
one tree at a time...
so very deep, the reason...
so numberless, the rhyme!!
One shade at a time appears
as the days go by,
and as the latter days draw near,
so vibrant...yet so dry!

Once again, the Artist is;
exceptional, His trade!
None to match the excellence
His touch has ever made!
One can only steel in wonder
at His evidence!
God the Artist, Father God,
discern His glory hence!

The glory of His handiwork is right before your eyes...if you take time to notice it.
Slow down...stop! Look around...

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