Tuesday, September 6, 2011

THAT sacrifice


"I want to spend the 'now' in adoration,
savoring the blessing of relation...
in the sound of not another voice...
But God! There is a world to know Your choice!

I need this moment where is not another...
I need to be there with my searching brother...
even You, Lord, set Yourself apart;
teach me, therefore, God, to have Your heart.

I must do what is pleasing unto You.
Nothing less, I pray, Lord, keep me true!
I know, Lord, that if I, Your vessel, be
all else shall be added unto me."

So much God, so little time? Well, yes and no. There is so much that must be done on our part for His Kingdom.
Yes, God could raise up stones to do His will, but He gives us the blessing of sharing in His service.
However, there is something more important: our personal time with Him.
Make that time!

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