Friday, September 2, 2011


Listen to the sound...
the only way to miss it is to ignore it...and even then you are only in denial!
It is the sound of Jesus walking near you...
it is the sound of God the Father calling you...
it is the sound of the Holy Spirit reminding you...
Can you hear it? Why not?
Or do you not want to hear it?

Whispers ever constantly about...
Recognize them! What a joyful shout!
So many, the communications of
a Father Whose demeanor is true love.
Turn the volume of the world down.
So many are the traps that seek to drown!
So many are the points--the good, the bad...
Take authority! You will be glad!

Whispers...winds of Spirit to the soul.
Breathe them in and you will be made whole!
Know the fullness of the God of love;
He will direct the life that you are of!

Oh, the sound...can you hear it?
Which voices are you choosing to listen to?

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