Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Why is it so hard for some to accept, or fellowship with, those who have left our place of worship and gone to another?
Why must it always be "conflict" or "negative" when one goes to another church?
Pastor Venable, a seasoned servant, said "Just tell them that is where God is calling you," when we left a church, thus requiring us to have to face 'well-meaning' inquisitors first-hand.
A loved one is in this situation as this is written. Yes, they are leaving a painful situation, but why can they not be embraced, loved and prayed for instead of spurned and avoided! What would Jesus do?
"What would Jesus do?" Such has almost become cliche rather than instrumental.
Yes, we are to be grounded, but is that grounding to be at a particular sight? Why can I not be rooted in the FAMILY of God rather than the "________" of God? (No finger-pointing.)
Grounded in the what cost?
"Belonging..." to what or to Whom?

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