Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Revive us again!

Revival. What does it mean?
Surely, 'corporate' revival is incredible, but 'revival' MUST be personal!

Oh, the glory of the Holy Word!
The Life! The living constantly occured!
The majesty of Truth on every page;
every moment is it to engage!

"Forgive me for my ignorance of such.
I'm sorry for abandoning Your touch.
I wink at You and then go on my way...
Be I a bastard, o my God, to stray!

The glory of The Word yet beckons me.
Life...and Life anew again to see!
Continuing to woo be Your great love;
can even I, Your number, yet be of?

Word alive, and glorious as yet!
Your counsel I, forever, shan't forget!
Incessantly I turn back to Your pages
for to press on through ALL of life that rages.

Revival cannot happen apart from reading the Word and prayer. That must be personal. It must be more than mere 'emotion.'
Anything less be mere excuses...

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