Monday, September 26, 2011

On the Road Again

Walking down the road...
Is anyone going to stop?
Is the same even desired?
Every person is on a road to somewhere. Have many of them even know where "somewhere" is?
I recall being on a 'road to somewhere' and I stopped and picked someone up. They were not seeking a ride, but I offered them one anyway.
On the way, they shared with me some things that they were going through. Being who I am, I offered them whatever I could to help them with their journey. As he exited my truck, he left all of my 'help' on the seat.
"If I wanted your help, I would have asked. All I wanted was a ride and for someone to listen."
It hurt. Should it have?
Where are you?

On the road to somewhere,
One only knows for sure.
So many are the avenues,
how many can endure?
No matter what each route would hold
we must continue on;
too soon will come the moment
opportunities be gone!

On the road to somewhere,
so different for each.
But the same Love, unto
everybody will it reach!
No matter where upon the road
we must love everyone!
We must live true to His command
"Not mine but thine be done!"

On the Narrow Way, there is no room for "looking out for number one." And those we may give place to may not even appreciate it.
Will that stop us?

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