Monday, September 26, 2011

Now What!

A visitor...for how long?
A much care will he require?
A 'friend...' but what kind?
Does Jesus ask any of these questions when we go to Him?

Once again in use by God,
His ways are not my ways.
I must remain submitted to Him,
yielded in these days.
The enemy has many tactics,
our lives to ensnare;
one of the worst be apathy,
or, simply, "I don't care."

A visitor...patient...friend,
is once again to dwell.
In several areas of life
they have gone through hell.
We must provide a haven, though,
a shelter, a retreat,
if we are to see them recover
and become complete.
Such as this we cannot provide
in and of ourselves.
The very same, into our each
emotion freely delves!
But Jesus is inside there, too,
and He will make a way
for us to embrace this life
and see him on his way!

Jesus inside of us will see this person back onto their feet.
Jesus inside them will see them through the pain and damage that has been done.
How long? Until it is finished.
How much? Whatever it takes.
What kind of person? That is between Jesus and them. All we can do is be Jesus in this place and in their lives.

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