Thursday, September 8, 2011

More than want

I do not want to hear You if
I only hear Your voice...
I do not want Your glory if
it's only to rejoice...
I do not want Your touch if it
is just a 'thing' to feel...
I want to understand You, learn You,
oh, Your heart, reveal!

Do not affect my prayers if it
affects MY life alone;
but God, affect my life in ways
that YOUR life will be known!
The sight, the sense, the very song
You are so deep in me,
it may not always minister, Lord,
where my brother be.
God, I want everything You are,
not just that I rejoice.
I must obtain Your attributes
that are preferred and choice:
compassion, mercy, boldness, wisdom,
coupled with Your love,
will help me to address the needs
my world is so full of.
I will not take advantage of
each privilege divine.
I won't pass the repulsive saying
"You don't have what's mine!"

I'll join them in the ashes...
in the the pain,
so they know that, in that state,
they don't have to remain!

In JESUS' Name,

Have you been to that street corner...that alley...that office?
A lost, dying, hurting world is out there, but they are not going to look like they are searching, suffocating or in pain. They may not even know the depth of their peril.
We must seek to recognize them, to know them. I promise you, Jesus knows who they are.

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