Thursday, September 22, 2011

Holy Spirit Lead

In silence that is louder than the noise,
the sword awaits with dignity and poise;
with content that is infinite and vast,
a message, into cyberspace be cast!
But if the words are not to edify,
there be so little point to even try!
Thus, every jot and tittle that will be
shall garner praise for Him Whose One and Three!

This silence was created for a cause:
to bring God and Creator great applause!
He is the One Creator of this point,
and what is written He will sure anoint!
Therefore take poise, and pleasure in this one:
"Not my will, but Yours, oh Lord, be done!"
Again, to yield the quill unto His lead
and see His Holy Spirit intercede!

In verses that so few may understand,
so deft and docile is the writer's hand;
but only ceding to the Holy Spirit
will come sweetness to all that would hear it!

God is calling each one of us to do something. It is clear that He wants me to write for His glory.
The Holy Spirit is and will direct you if you heed that calling.
Will you do what He wants?

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