Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Creator God is everywhere. Period.
No matter who, what or where you are, all you must do is look around and see His glory in His handiwork...

One pedal at a time,
the roses slowly climb,
contributing to rhyme this afternoon.
From blossom unto bud...
from ivory to blood...
the cycle goes around in early June.
An essence oh so rare
that it just has to share!
The sweetest and the costliest perfume.
And living comes to halt
to cast the scent to vault
before it can be able to resume!

"Stop and smell the roses."
Yes, you DO have time!
It IS worth your whatever sacrifice you must make!

Time for time

The glory and the majesty of season change.
The wonder and the splendor of Fall!
So fortunate and favored be those who see and recognize God's touch in the land about them.
Are you one of them?

So early in the season...
one tree at a time...
so very deep, the reason...
so numberless, the rhyme!!
One shade at a time appears
as the days go by,
and as the latter days draw near,
so vibrant...yet so dry!

Once again, the Artist is;
exceptional, His trade!
None to match the excellence
His touch has ever made!
One can only steel in wonder
at His evidence!
God the Artist, Father God,
discern His glory hence!

The glory of His handiwork is right before your eyes...if you take time to notice it.
Slow down...stop! Look around...


Closer...but it's uncomfortable...
Closer...but God, it hurts!
Closer...but I don't have time...
Closer...but God, I'm scared!

Passing by the quiet place,
too much is there to do;
avoiding where the healing is
to check out something new;
there is nothing to compare
with being in that place,
but my attempts to find another
slaps Him in the face.

What excuses am I using to avoid a greater relationship with God?
The only thing preventing me from getting closer to God are the excuses that I come up with! God is already there/here...waiting...calling...inviting.
Why do I so often look for 'better' when I know that my Father has 'the best?'

Monday, September 26, 2011

On the Road Again

Walking down the road...
Is anyone going to stop?
Is the same even desired?
Every person is on a road to somewhere. Have many of them even know where "somewhere" is?
I recall being on a 'road to somewhere' and I stopped and picked someone up. They were not seeking a ride, but I offered them one anyway.
On the way, they shared with me some things that they were going through. Being who I am, I offered them whatever I could to help them with their journey. As he exited my truck, he left all of my 'help' on the seat.
"If I wanted your help, I would have asked. All I wanted was a ride and for someone to listen."
It hurt. Should it have?
Where are you?

On the road to somewhere,
One only knows for sure.
So many are the avenues,
how many can endure?
No matter what each route would hold
we must continue on;
too soon will come the moment
opportunities be gone!

On the road to somewhere,
so different for each.
But the same Love, unto
everybody will it reach!
No matter where upon the road
we must love everyone!
We must live true to His command
"Not mine but thine be done!"

On the Narrow Way, there is no room for "looking out for number one." And those we may give place to may not even appreciate it.
Will that stop us?

Now What!

A visitor...for how long?
A patient...how much care will he require?
A 'friend...' but what kind?
Does Jesus ask any of these questions when we go to Him?

Once again in use by God,
His ways are not my ways.
I must remain submitted to Him,
yielded in these days.
The enemy has many tactics,
our lives to ensnare;
one of the worst be apathy,
or, simply, "I don't care."

A visitor...patient...friend,
is once again to dwell.
In several areas of life
they have gone through hell.
We must provide a haven, though,
a shelter, a retreat,
if we are to see them recover
and become complete.
Such as this we cannot provide
in and of ourselves.
The very same, into our each
emotion freely delves!
But Jesus is inside there, too,
and He will make a way
for us to embrace this life
and see him on his way!

Jesus inside of us will see this person back onto their feet.
Jesus inside them will see them through the pain and damage that has been done.
How long? Until it is finished.
How much? Whatever it takes.
What kind of person? That is between Jesus and them. All we can do is be Jesus in this place and in their lives.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Off we go...

6:30 a.m....on the highway going south...look! Over to the left...

Mr. Sun comes to greet us,
peeking o'er the crest...
morning birds are singing to us
wishing us the best...
the many lives of overnight
so slowly disappear,
and are more opportunities
to bless: our God is near!

For such are we created.
It is our greatest call!
For God is worthy of our praise
and worthy of our all!

This is going to be quite a long day. A 12hr day-trip. Most of that spent in the car. But it is going to be a wonderful day because God knows all about it and has every one of our steps planned!
What about your day?

In the Cleft...

Again, to know the comfort of my Jesus...
again to feel His strong and sure embrace...
again to hear that "Peace, be still..." assurance
as He bids me focus on His face.

The storm, for it is here and it is raging,
but He offers harbor in His palm!
In this cleft, shall I regain my bearing
as His Presence sure creates sweet calm!

Stop! You cannot fight the storm!
However, you can endure the storm and emerge victorious as You trust in Jesus!
Sounds simple, doesn't it? I KNOW that it is NOT always easy! You must trust Him, though!
Jesus will get you through EVERY storm!

Holy Spirit Lead

In silence that is louder than the noise,
the sword awaits with dignity and poise;
with content that is infinite and vast,
a message, into cyberspace be cast!
But if the words are not to edify,
there be so little point to even try!
Thus, every jot and tittle that will be
shall garner praise for Him Whose One and Three!

This silence was created for a cause:
to bring God and Creator great applause!
He is the One Creator of this point,
and what is written He will sure anoint!
Therefore take poise, and pleasure in this one:
"Not my will, but Yours, oh Lord, be done!"
Again, to yield the quill unto His lead
and see His Holy Spirit intercede!

In verses that so few may understand,
so deft and docile is the writer's hand;
but only ceding to the Holy Spirit
will come sweetness to all that would hear it!

God is calling each one of us to do something. It is clear that He wants me to write for His glory.
The Holy Spirit is and will direct you if you heed that calling.
Will you do what He wants?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

More than want

I do not want to hear You if
I only hear Your voice...
I do not want Your glory if
it's only to rejoice...
I do not want Your touch if it
is just a 'thing' to feel...
I want to understand You, learn You,
oh, Your heart, reveal!

Do not affect my prayers if it
affects MY life alone;
but God, affect my life in ways
that YOUR life will be known!
The sight, the sense, the very song
You are so deep in me,
it may not always minister, Lord,
where my brother be.
God, I want everything You are,
not just that I rejoice.
I must obtain Your attributes
that are preferred and choice:
compassion, mercy, boldness, wisdom,
coupled with Your love,
will help me to address the needs
my world is so full of.
I will not take advantage of
each privilege divine.
I won't pass the repulsive saying
"You don't have what's mine!"

I'll join them in the ashes...
in the valley...in the pain,
so they know that, in that state,
they don't have to remain!

In JESUS' Name,

Have you been to that street corner...that alley...that office?
A lost, dying, hurting world is out there, but they are not going to look like they are searching, suffocating or in pain. They may not even know the depth of their peril.
We must seek to recognize them, to know them. I promise you, Jesus knows who they are.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


In streets that are of oh so long ago,
footsteps, they become so very slow;
yes, and if the walls could only talk,
what sweet accompaniment to any walk!
But life, it is conversing nonetheless,
and oh the many ways it is to bless!
Pay attention to its every verse;
this life-for it is only to rehearse!

What did you do today?
What do you remember about this day?
Did you do anything to affect life in a positive way?
Live life in such a way that God will be glorified, and it will be a better place only due to your presence.
You are being watched.

Revive us again!

Revival. What does it mean?
Surely, 'corporate' revival is incredible, but 'revival' MUST be personal!

Oh, the glory of the Holy Word!
The Life! The living constantly occured!
The majesty of Truth on every page;
every moment is it to engage!

"Forgive me for my ignorance of such.
I'm sorry for abandoning Your touch.
I wink at You and then go on my way...
Be I a bastard, o my God, to stray!

The glory of The Word yet beckons me.
Life...and Life anew again to see!
Continuing to woo be Your great love;
can even I, Your number, yet be of?

Word alive, and glorious as yet!
Your counsel I, forever, shan't forget!
Incessantly I turn back to Your pages
for to press on through ALL of life that rages.

Revival cannot happen apart from reading the Word and prayer. That must be personal. It must be more than mere 'emotion.'
Anything less be mere excuses...


Why is it so hard for some to accept, or fellowship with, those who have left our place of worship and gone to another?
Why must it always be "conflict" or "negative" when one goes to another church?
Pastor Venable, a seasoned servant, said "Just tell them that is where God is calling you," when we left a church, thus requiring us to have to face 'well-meaning' inquisitors first-hand.
A loved one is in this situation as this is written. Yes, they are leaving a painful situation, but why can they not be embraced, loved and prayed for instead of spurned and avoided! What would Jesus do?
"What would Jesus do?" Such has almost become cliche rather than instrumental.
Yes, we are to be grounded, but is that grounding to be at a particular sight? Why can I not be rooted in the FAMILY of God rather than the "________" of God? (No finger-pointing.)
Grounded in the faith...at what cost?
"Belonging..." to what or to Whom?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

THAT sacrifice


"I want to spend the 'now' in adoration,
savoring the blessing of relation...
in the sound of not another voice...
But God! There is a world to know Your choice!

I need this moment where is not another...
I need to be there with my searching brother...
even You, Lord, set Yourself apart;
teach me, therefore, God, to have Your heart.

I must do what is pleasing unto You.
Nothing less, I pray, Lord, keep me true!
I know, Lord, that if I, Your vessel, be
all else shall be added unto me."

So much God, so little time? Well, yes and no. There is so much that must be done on our part for His Kingdom.
Yes, God could raise up stones to do His will, but He gives us the blessing of sharing in His service.
However, there is something more important: our personal time with Him.
Make that time!

What is 'motive?'

With words that are not known or understood
how can a person be of any good?
With verses that cannot be seen at all,
can any good be given to The Call?
But God! with both of these You gift this man!
And I yet remain inside Your Plan!
You are using me as You see fit.
Oh God, I give me fully unto it!

Given fully to the work of God. What a wonderful 'feeling!'
But it must be far more than mere 'emotion!' For not everyone will see or hear everything that is done for God, or that God is doing through a person. God may have you do something that only He knows about.
Can your ego handle that?
Again, what is motive?

Friday, September 2, 2011


Listen to the sound...
the only way to miss it is to ignore it...and even then you are only in denial!
It is the sound of Jesus walking near you...
it is the sound of God the Father calling you...
it is the sound of the Holy Spirit reminding you...
Can you hear it? Why not?
Or do you not want to hear it?

Whispers ever constantly about...
Recognize them! What a joyful shout!
So many, the communications of
a Father Whose demeanor is true love.
Turn the volume of the world down.
So many are the traps that seek to drown!
So many are the points--the good, the bad...
Take authority! You will be glad!

Whispers...winds of Spirit to the soul.
Breathe them in and you will be made whole!
Know the fullness of the God of love;
He will direct the life that you are of!

Oh, the sound...can you hear it?
Which voices are you choosing to listen to?