Saturday, August 20, 2011

What will YOU do? of the greatest curses we can know...

"I'm sorry for the satisfaction
I have come to know...
Forgive me for my comfort, Lord,
when, with You, I go...
I need to be disturbed about
the things that trouble You;
I know that You have causes, Lord,
to feel the pain You do:

Trouble me about that guy
that lives across the street
that doesn't care about You,
that needs to be complete!
Trouble me about that lady
at work next to me,
who openly declares that there's
no hope for such as she!
Trouble me about those people
that are "really living;"
how can we reach them if they feel
they do not need forgiving?

Oh God, please get them to that place
they see their need for You,
then help us to be in that same place
knowing what to do!

Forgive me for just washing my hands,
going on with life,
when right outside my door they wallow
in their sin and strife!
I cannot picture You just sitting
back and passing time-
for me to do the same, oh God-
but what a wretched crime!
I'm sorry for the satisfaction
I have come to know.
My God, it is a dying world!
Send me, I will go!"

How far do you have to look to find someone in need of a Savior?
Are you available to help meet that need?

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