Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Blessings on you this day.
Join me in prayer, won't you?

"You are my vision, o King of my heart!
Explain to me, when did eternity start?
However long until Heaven shall end
I will adore You, my Savior, my Friend!

You're my salvation, o King of my soul!
My own forever is in Your control!
Lord, I surrender my self and my will;
all that is not You I want You to kill!

You are my Everything, Jesus, Lord, King!
Of Your provision will ever I sing!
Nothing can take the place of all You are!
You are my vision, and never afar!

Dear God, take everything today that is not You and get it out of my life!
Father, take everything that is afflicting my family and destroy it!
Please make Your vision known to all of mine so that we may be in one accord.
Thank You for the covering of Your Blood, Lord!

In JESUS' Name,

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