Wednesday, August 3, 2011


When I am gone, it will be

Just a stone upon a piece of land-
how many the emotions to command?
How many lives were touched by them below?
What affects did this world know?

Life will definitely go on after we are gone, but will life be any different for anyone? That is the question we must ask.
Are we doing anything to affect life now?
I have seen some folks affecting life around them right now, but for all the wrong reasons! And that seems to be quite a trend...unfortunately.
Are you doing anything to affect the world for good?
Every day...every hour...every minute is a gift from God, a new opportunity to touch the lives of those around you.
Don't waste it.
Touch life today in a way that will affect eternity. It could be as close as the next person you see!
Don't let that 'stone' mentioned above be your heart.

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