Saturday, August 6, 2011

That Place!

Finally...alone with God!
So much is going on, but I must make it to this place!
Whatever the day contains, I must find out

How to focus yet again
while life is going on.
So many the distractions-
I must learn to make them gone!
Too many are the weeds that rise
and try to choke the bloom,
but this I know: I do not have to
give them any room!

How to focus once again?
Jesus Christ I call!
Distractions of this daily life,
He is above them all!
Accompanying every step
along the Narrow Way,
He gets me through the quandaries-
victorious I stay!

So many the distractions,
He is above them all!
Atop the busyness of life
I listen to His call.
He is so very present,
He is so very real...
He is a force inside my life
I hear, I see, I feel!

What glorious escape! What awesome refuge...JESUS!
Don't lose sight of the Wonder that Jesus is! Take Him with you in all that you do, but make special time for only Him.

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