Monday, August 22, 2011

The Sword of Justice

And with the Sword of Justice He
walks through eternity.
He trods across the billowed clouds
and o'er the raging sea!
At just the whisper of His voice
the mountain peaks do fall,
and every facet of the storm
does beckon to His call!
So holy and so powerful,
so perfect is His Name!
So loving and so beautiful,
none other is the same!

And with the Sword of Jesus Christ
I walk across the land.
More power than could e'er be told
I'm holding in my hand!
And His own shield of righteousness
I hold in front of me,
to guard me from the enemy
that only He can see!
So perfect and so valuable,
so precious in His sight...
my brother, I do fathom not
why I have such a right!
He sees more sins that I have done
than any human eye,
but He FORGETS them, every one,
when unto Him I cry!
So holy and so powerful,
so blind to all my sin?
The Sword of Justice in His hand...
for me He let it bend!

"For me, He let it bend." What a glorious truth! What incredible mercy!!
I am so blessed. If you are born-again, you are blessed, also! Let someone else know it! There is enough to go around, but there is so little time left!

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