Saturday, August 6, 2011


Now that we are alone with God, what do we say?
Are we going to succumb to repetitious phrases that we have used for years, or are we going to pour out our hearts like never before?
We need to pray like never before! This country needs Him like never before! I need Him like never before!

Oh God, we are a needy people!
We are full of words.
We have all of the phrases, Lord,
that You've already heard.
But see our hearts as we cry out,
see the shape we're in:
So many ways and 'policies,'
that You regard as "sin!"

I'm sorry for the ignorance
I bring into Your court.
I'm sorry, Lord, for seeing You
as a "last resort."
I'm sorry for ignoring You
until it gets this bad;
Lord, You are the greatest God
that man has ever had!
Forgive me for embezzling
that which belongs to You.
Though You give me everything,
I always want for new.
Oh Father, make me satisfied
with all that You dispense,
so I will have no more cause
to seek deliverance!

True, I am a needy man,
needy for Your all!
I am so very wealthy, Lord,
because of Your great call!
And needy for Your mercy as
I come to You once more;
Lord, Your grace and mercy, with
the same come now, restore.

Pray for healing for this land.
Pray for mercy and grace for each other.
I need it. You need it. WE need it. AMERICA NEEDS IT!
God told us in His Word that if His people would humble themselves and pray, He would hear from Heaven and heal our land.
Join me, won't you?

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