Friday, August 5, 2011


Conversing with God once again...
Oh, the precious love He conveys...

Every time He tells me
I am His and He is mine,
such wonder then sweeps over me-
is this by His design?
The happiness and peace that is
in knowing I have Him
makes my very countenance
not to ever dim!

Such words unto my heart and soul
are not for me alone.
An invitation unto all
this world has ever known!
The same affection unto all-
however, you must respond
and, deep inside your heart let Him
who, of you, is so fond!

Anything He says to me
is always said in love.
I treasure so the words from Him
Who watches from above!
Worth much more than words, though, the
assurance I have got
that He loves me, regardless if
I hear the words or not!

Can you hear the words He is saying to you?
I promise you the Holy Spirit is constantly wooing and calling to you!
Take time to listen.
Make a point to respond!
It is the most rewarding conversation you will ever have!

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