Monday, August 22, 2011

Ongoing Mission

"To boldly go where no man has gone before..."
Cliche for the times?
But isn't that what we must often do with the Gospel?
And not just 'go.' We must often boldly say and do what no man has done before...or so it seems. Truth be told, it has been said and done before, but with the way the world is acting, it seems like they may have never seen or heard of Jesus!
Every one of us who know Jesus as our Savior has a daily responsibility to go and do what it takes to evangelize the world...wherever we are in that world! And we are without excuse, because the Holy Spirit will direct us to those places!
Are we committed to that challenge, or are our heads in the clouds?

"You give me all I ever need
to prosper every day!
You give me an abundance for
to share along The Way.
There is no shortage of the ones
who hunger and who thirst;
You even put me in the paths
of them that need it worst!

Oh God, let me not shirk the calling
that grows louder yet!
You have blessed me with the gifts
that they so need to get!
Some do not yet recognize
the strait that they are in...
others know without a doubt,
yet RUN back to their sin!
Some, Lord, even name You as
the Savior of their life,
yet, the snares of darkness lie
and bind them in such strife!

Dear God, so many snares await
to hinder even I!
When I purpose to do Your will
'circumstances' lie!
I must commit to do the good
in spite of what is pending;
as there is certainly a Hell
for their forever spending!

What we possess is definitely worth sharing!
What we possess we are commanded and compelled to share!
How petty are the excuses that you use?
Are you going to commit to His Service, our are you on a different "TREK?"

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