Monday, August 29, 2011

On the River...

In the awe and splendor of creation
do the words and verses flow at all?
Silence is to captivate all living
as Creator God begins to call:
oh hear Him in the breath that combs the forest...
see His whisper on the river flow...
hear Him calling in the hawk there soaring...
oh, but He is effortless to know!

In the silent roar of His creation-
such a great escape from daily grind!
No need for voice or verse out of the poet,
only God, in fullness, seek to find!

Look for Him today as you go.
No! Just NOTICE Him today as you go. You don't even have to look for Him!

1 comment:

Deb Massey said...

Ah yes the splendor that doth flow
through ancient walls carved long ago

Whispering, winding, calling us nigh
to watch the hawk as he soars on high

To think that He should call us friend
yet without words, still we comprehend

The memory will not soon fade
of the day that dear new friends were made

...On the River