Thursday, August 4, 2011

More wonderful truths...

Seasons come...seasons go...
how many more seasons shall we know
before the end, the Trumpet blast?
Our home in glory to see at last!
True, some have gone on before.
They are rejoicing on that shore!
Revelling before His Throne
where only is perfection known!
And them that are ahead of us,
they would compel us not to fuss
but fight the good fight fight He spoke of:
battling to spread His love!

It is a battle, this we know.
We know the Overcomer though!
And He assures the victory:
His Blood, it is our guarantee!
His Name is Jesus, Jesus Christ.
And for our all He was sacrificed
by a God with stellar love!
He's down below...He's up above...
He is inside...He is out!
Believe in Him and do not doubt
and You will know that love divine!
For it is yours and it is mine!

Grasp the Truth that Jesus is and NEVER turn it loose!!
Pour out what Jesus pours into you...He will continue to fill you to matter what season you are going matter how many seasons you have seen!

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