Monday, August 8, 2011

I have...

...and even if I should be dead,
the words of this man be unread,
anonymous upon the earth,
at least have I a second birth!
As long as I am born again,
it makes no difference where I've been;
what matters is one thing alone:
eternity before His throne!
Though very few would know my name...
though I may have a peasant's fame...
though I may be a lowly one,
yet I am chosen as a son!
Yea, through the Blood of Jesus Christ
that, just for me, was sacrificed,
I am make a Kingdom heir-
thus do I enjoy a share
of living in eternity
with the Blessed Trinity!

Yea, though anonymous to most,
the Father, Son and Holy Ghost
are very well aware of me-
and therein lies my victory!

What about you?
What matters most to you?
Can you handle it if you never attain a certain 'status?'
The 'things' that you are doing, who or what are you doing them for?
Even if it is 'good' that you are doing, what if no one ever sees it but God?
Can you live with that?

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