Friday, August 19, 2011

For Only

There are so many reasons to praise God.
So much to be thankful for, but...

Not for the mountains You create
and stand in majesty,
but for WHO YOU ARE, oh God,
miracle by Three!
Not for the way You keep my want
and meet mine every need,
but for the grace You give to me
and see that I am freed!
Not for the way You walk beside me
all along the Way,
but for the way You order those steps,
causing me to stay!
Not for the tiny grandson that
You gave us yesterday,
but for the man you see already
on the Narrow Way!

Not for all the things You do,
impossible to sum,
but God, for only WHO YOU ARE
in times and time to come!

All of us have reason to praise Him. And we do not even have to stop and think about it!
Point out those reasons to Him today, and dwell upon them deeply!

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