Sunday, August 14, 2011


"Keep yourselves from sin, My child,
tell such temptations 'No!'
Virtuous, will you be then,
you'll truly come to know.
I've given you but all of the
resistance you will need.
In Me, all things are possible;
for you I intercede."

But, Father, I am sorely tempted
all throughout the day!
Ever-constantly, it seems,
desires come my way!
You told me You were tempted, Lord,
in all points such as we,
but with the way the world is now
that fact is hard to see!"

"Again, child, I reiterate,
eschew temptation's call!
Assuredly does grace abound
provided you should fall.
But greater is the victory
for them that would resist!
In such tempting, call upon
My Name, so I insist!"

"Thank You for this exhortation
unto purity.
And thank You for the Blood of Christ,
it is my surety!
Against, Lord, such as matter said
will I do as You say
as You give me all I need
to, in Your favor, stay.

Join me in this, won't you? Not in the argument, but in living a life of purity before Him.
He invites us all, and empowers us through His Spirit and His Word to do so.

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