Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Before the light of morning is...
what am I doing here?
My presence in this time of day
should be not even near!
But once more, Someone greater
has me at this post,
I know from experience
it's where He wants me most.
Am I here because of children
straying left or right...
or because of parents who are
tired of the fight...
am I here because of a friend
pondering a drink,
at a point where they're not able
to correctly think...
Perhaps I'm up to bridge the gap
for a missionary far...
or for that pastor, on his face
because of a recent scar!
Or could God only have me up
to see Him raise the sun-
none other is to do that, and
it's gloriously done!

Whatever be the reason I
am here before the light,
He is the reason I am up
and, in Him, I delight!
NEVER take for granted
time alone with God Most High!
Delight in knowing you are known-
and, your self, crucify!

I'm tired...I want to go back to bed...but I know that there is a reason that I am up at this hour, and I refuse to leave His Presence until He blesses me!

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